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Each animal of onyx and marble represent something according to the natives. 

Bear : Relaxed living and Health, Horse represents stamina and agility. Frog to ward off the evil eyes. Turtle represents good health and longevity. Elephant with trunk up represents success and triumph. Dolphin represents fun and frolic. Rabbit represent luxury while Bufalo is a sacred symbol of good luck and lizard represents destroying the enemies. 

Brazilian gems and minerals bring you nice amethyst products such as amethyst wands, druzes, amethyst candle holders, agate book ends, amethyst broken geodes and above all amethyst hearts.  

Amethyst comes from the word amethystus meaning  not drunken.It is believed that the stone has calming properties and wards off the thieves and ensures safe travel. it is also supposed to be the birth stone of February and November born.

Rose quartz : wherever there are roses , there will be love. Rose quartz is no exception. it is believed to enhance love and romance. 

We have key chains of all kinds of gemstones and stones at a throwaway prices. 

Our fossils from Madagascar and Morocco truly represent the story of prehistoric world an era when Dinasours used to roam the planet.

Our jewelry is something that anyone would easily fall in love with whether it is hematite necklaces, Magnetic wraps or turquoise looking howlite with other stones. Just try wearing these for style and effect. We also offer chips necklaces such as garnet chips or amethyst , rose quartz, rodocrozite and peridot chips necklaces.

And finally what can we say about our baskets. each basket is hand woven and hand crafted. These are widely used by interior decorator and designers to enhance the moods , the ambience and the elegance of any home , it does lend a touch of authentic southwestern decor.​

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Our website shows the finest of minerals, gems and rocks of various kinds. Arlette Overseas is the importer of onyx gifts and home decor, variety of necklaces and bracelets, baskets, brazilian gems, fossils and minerals. These products are proven sellers in any store and in any location. 

 Onyx is several million year old stone , when continental drift resulted in colliding of plates of earth the limestone got transformed into marble . The minerals and the interaction with spring waters imparted beautiful colors to onyx.Onyx has peaceful green colors with shades of brown, amber or pink. Sometimes organic matter such as fossils of marine life and plant are found on this stone .Thus onyx and marble are snapshots of precious moments in the history of mother earth.