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crystal filled necklaces

NC 8 - howlite nklc with ear rings

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Hematite peace nklcs

Lapiz lazuli nklc 

​​NC 2-Howlite hrt -

Ruby zoisite nklc 

Hematite asorted

NC 5 - Tqs square nklc

​NC 4 - Tqs flower Nklc 

Shiny beads

Hematite howlite nklcs

 gemstone pdt nklc

NC 5 - Tqs square nklc

Spotted Lapiz - 

​ geoded amethyst nklc

gemstone pdts

​​NC 1-Howlite rondelle

Nc 3 -handmade chinese tqs nklc

NC 6 - Tqs  coral nklc