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 Turtle 12 inches

Romantic and exclusive candle holders, anyone ?  Our onyx candle holders light up any room and can add to the ambience  our candle holders are for tea light or Votive

Frog  3 and 4"

Diamond c.s

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Cylinder  c.s.

Onyx candle holders


Bear - BR 1 

Frog on lily pad

Gift products

Whether Fruit bowls, Easter eggs of onyx, Pencil jar for the office or simply floral decoration such as onyx fruits or Kokopelis,these gift products are elegant & functional.  our exclusive soap dishes adorn any bathroom.

Bear - BR 2

Turtles 3 , 4"

C..S.214 for Pilla

Guitar C.s.

Dolphin, elephant 4

2 Hole c.s


Heart c.s.

frog , turtle c.s